Resume based Interviews
As a form of a screening exercise, many recruiters will devote substantial time during the interview asking you questions about your resume. While scanning through the information youve provided to him in your resume he/she is probably checking out the following:

  • Does this candidate have a track record of success?
  • Is this candidates experience relevant to my needs?
  • Is this candidates salary expectation within my salary range?
  • Can this candidate handle the overnight travel requirements of this position?
  • Is this candidate mobile?
  • Does this candidate have the requisite experience in the field I need?
  • Will he/she be able to handle the responsibilities and challenges of the job offered?

    Keeping all this in mind,here are a few tips that will help you handle interviews where the recruiter seems to be focussed on your resume:

    1. Remember What You Wrote in Your Resume
    Nothing is more irritating than a candidate whos forgotten the date he graduated or the project he worked on in his first organisation. Spend some time going over your resume before you walk in for the interview.

    2. Be prepared to provide details
    Your past experiences is what provides the potential employer with clues about your potential and your suitability for the post. So, make it a point to jolt your memory cells before the interview. You may be asked to go into details about your knowledge, your project, your skills and situations where you demonstrated your problem solving abilities etc.

    3. Be enthusiastic
    Nothing convinces a recruiter as much as an enthusiastic shine in your eyes. Only you know your resume best, so take the opportunity to describe your achievements with energy and enthusiasm. Avoid putting down your previous employers, as this could work against you. Be prepared to answer why you left your previous organisation(s).
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