Great tips to Answer Iinterview Questions
For those of us who have been interviewed, we know there are certain standard questions which are asked. And yet many a time, we still find ourselves fumbling for the right answer, or worst still, not answering in the manner in which the question was posed. Here are some typical questions you might be asked:

Background Questions

Tell me about yourself.
The answer to this question is usually with reference to the qualifications required for the position. Keep responses concise and brief and avoid being negative about previous jobs and bosses. Customize the response according to the duties and responsibilities of the position you are interviewing for.
What are your greatest strengths?
Keep this as job related as possible by relating to a job task/skill that you know to be an asset of yours. "I like travelling and making new friends" is not a good answer.
What are your greatest weaknesses?
The employer is looking for honesty here, but it helps not to be too blunt. Tone down your self-critique and say it with a smile.

Salary Questions

Do not state a starting figure. A suitable reply: "I am looking for the right opportunity and I am confident that if you find me to be the best candidate for this position, you will extend your best and most fair offer to me." State your current salary truthfully. If you are due to a raise in the next three months state the approximate percentage you expect. Be sure to explain that you have included bonuses, commissions, etc.

Motive Questions

What can you contribute to this company?
Where do you hope to be in five years?
This type of question should be answered enthusiastically. Show the interviewer you are interested in the position and relate the answers to the duties and responsibilities of the job.

Personality Questions

What do you do in your spare time? Present yourself as a well-rounded person. Your answer gives you dimension, describe your hobbies briefly.

Job Satisfaction Questions

Why are you looking for another job? What do you like most/least about your previous job/jobs?
Why did you leave your previous employer/employers?
Never speak poorly about former employers. Be positive. You are providing clues about the environment you seek.

Other Questions Be Prepared To Answer

Are you willing to be transferred to another city or country?
May we check your references?
May we see some sort of a proof of your salary? (Bring along your salary slip)
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