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General Tips for Road Traveling
Many people find that carrying a snap of dear ones while away from home helps relieve pressure and loneliness.

It is always better to reach your destination well informed. Read up information about a place you are visiting - its history, heritage, monuments and anything unique about the place. This way even an unassuming journey would prove purposeful.

For men: Keep your wallet in a front trouser pocket. Its difficult for a pickpocket to get it out without you knowing.

Jetlagged? A glass of milk is an excellent natural sedative and will help you get sleep if you are still in your "afternoon" when it is already "bed time" at your new destination.

To get over your jetlag, practice Shavasan, a yogic exercise. Lie down on the floor, on your back, with your hands at your side and close your eyes. Relax all those tense muscles and focus on breathing deeply. Stay in this position for 5 minutes. It definitely rejuvenates me!

Dance your way out of jet lag. Move your body to the music and let your body adapt to the rhythm. A fast tempo could tire you enough to go to sleep!

If you want to strike a chord instantaneously with the locals, nothing works better than a smile and few words in the native lingo. A little effort to learn a few key words in the language of the place you are visiting not only boosts your linguistic skills, but also makes your journey enjoyable.

Carry a tiny notebook and pen when you are in a place where you do not know the local language. Write or draw whatever you are looking for - it is the best way to communicate.

For the disabled: If you are speech or hearing-impaired, always carry a communication symbols card. This will make it easier for you to communicate wherever you go.

For women travelers: Decking up opulently and strolling in an alien territory is a sure way to invite trouble. Wear simple and comfortable clothing that does not attract undue attention. Leave all your costly jewelry back at home. If need be wear a cheap watch while you are traveling.
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