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Packing Tips
Take out all the important documents and contact numbers you plan to carry and make two photocopies of each page. Carry one set with you and leave the other back at home. In case you happen to lose the originals, you still have the duplicates to look up and call to cancel credit cards, contact friends, etc.

Carry a small torch always and keep fresh batteries with you. To guard against accidental usage, reverse the position of the batteries. When you need to use the torch, just turn the batteries around.

Always carry a pack of wet tissues when you are in humid and dry place. It helps keep you fresh all day.

Always carry a small pair of folding scissors - you will never know when you need them!

Write your name and address in a small piece of paper and leave it inside your suitcase, or best still tag it on to the handle. If you ever lose the suitcase, you can be hopeful of getting it back. There are many cases of good Samaritans calling up to say they found somebodys baggage

Keep all the things you may need often like essential medication, some money (including small change), phone numbers, etc., in a small bag and always carry it wherever you go. If you have to leave the main luggage in the cargo enclosure of a bus during a long journey, etc., you will find that the small, handy bag is of immense use.

Jot down whatever you have forgotten while travelling and use this list to make sure you do not repeat your mistakes.

While packing, roll your clothes instead of folding them. This way there will be fewer wrinkles.

Make sure to place your first-aid kit in an enclosure different from the one where you have your soaps, shampoos, etc., to avoid a sticky mess in case there is a spill over.

A wise traveller always travels light. The thumb rule would be to pack only those clothes and accessories, which serve more than one purpose.

The best way not to leave behind your Walkman or a favourite slip-on is to make a checklist of all things you would need to take, well in advance. Mentally go through a typical day in your life - from the time you wake up till the time you hit the sack - and write down all things that you think must accompany you. Keep this checklist with you while you travel - it is also useful to keep track of things you are carrying!

When packing things into a backpack, place the lighter items at the bottom and the heavier ones on top. Always place the important things on top.

Do not pack cosmetics and toiletries in a make-up case. Put them in a ziplock bag - It saves on space, weight and protects clothes from accidental spills.

If you are travelling with someone, pack half your clothes in each others bags. If one bag gets lost, at least you will have half your things.

Packing your dirty laundry in plastic bags makes the clothes moldy. Carry an old pillowcase along and use that instead.

If you are storing liquids in any of your bags, be sure to seal the mouth with tape - you do not want leaks!
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