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Traveling Tips for Students
There are several companies that target campuses all over the United States, from high schools offering senior grad packages to college spring breaks. Some companies are legitimate, some are not. Here are some tips to help make that much anticipated trip your dream vacation!

Choose your location wisely. Make sure you wont be vacationing in land mines, on toxic beaches, storm damaged areas, or in some vast wasteland touted as the next Riviera.

How long has the company you are choosing to purchase your package from been in business? Check recommendations if you can. How are the accommodations? Is it a chartered flight or major airline? Meals provided? What is the food like? By all means, check the National Travelers Association or Better Business Bureau for filed complaints.

What exactly will you get for your money? Dont just look at that colorful brochure and general information insert. Ask for the exact contract you will be signing and scour the details. Look for hidden costs like late processing fees and hotel security deposits. There will be some!

Ask if there is lost baggage insurance provided by the vendor? Are there Travel Delay reimbursements? Emergency medical coverage? How much is included? Does this include dental? How much medical transportation coverage? Are there 24-hour assistance services?

Check your local and national newspapers for reports on the area you will be traveling to. Look for civil unrest, government and monetary issues, travelers warnings and alerts, and storm watches. Make sure the deposit or portion of the paid trip is fully refundable under these conditions.

Make sure you know your deadlines on payments and cancellation policies. Some companies offer cancellation insurance. It is worth it!

Try to place all travel transactions on a credit card. If there are disputes, a credit card company will go after the vendor for the recovery of fees you have paid. I prefer American Express. If you dont have a credit card available, think twice. It is far better to have family or friends book the trip for you, than the potential of a defunct company with your money!

Traveling abroad? Check the exchange rate before you leave. Then shop your exchange rate both here and abroad. Each foreign exchange is like a bank and rates and fees may vary.

Passports will be required in other countries.

Leaving the country on Party Plane USA ... have all mandatory paperwork in order. Insurance policies, travelers insurance, notarized letters from your parents or guardians (only if under 18), passport, visas, contact numbers at your destination, contact numbers to be provided in case of emergency i.e., family members, neighbors etc.
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