Important things to keep in mind during interview
All of us have been for interviews where we failed. And realised later that we had missed out on an opportunity due to a simple slip or two. Here are a few little known tips which have been culled from the real life experiences of professionals from around the world.

  • Take extra copies of your resume.
  • Take something to take notes on - preferable a small notepad.
  • Everyone gives feedback. So, be polite to secretaries, receptionists and all administrative staff.
  • Do not bring up money on the first interview. If asked, indicate what your current/last salary is/was and leave it at that. Focus on job performance, quality production, safety and teamwork.
  • You may be asked to fill out an application. Complete the form in full and leave no blanks. Do not write, "refer resume" as a response to any application question.
  • Respond to "expected salary" questions as "open" and answer "current salary" questions truthfully. List references if requested (you should have this prepared on a separate sheet and should be taken to all interviews).
  • Dont forget you are being observed closely. Your body language is as important as what you say. Do wait until you are offered a chair before sitting. Sit upright, look alert and interested at all times. Be a good listener as well as a good communicator.
  • Follow the interviewers leads, but try to get the interviewer to describe the position and the duties to you arly in the interview so that you can apply your background, skills and accomplishments to the position.
  • Dont smoke, even if the interviewer does and offers you a cigarette. Do not chew gum under any circumstances.
  • Dont ask about vacations, bonuses and overtime benefits until youre absolutely sure the employer is hiring you, keep these questions for the later stages of interviews when you actually get down to negotiating.
  • Dont be too discouraged if no immediate commitment is made. The interviewer will probably want to communicate with other people in the company or possibly interview more candidates before making a decision.
  • If you get the impression that the interview is not going well and that you have already been rejected, dont let your discouragement show. Once in a while an interviewer who is genuinely interested in you may seem to discourage you as a way of testing your reaction.
  • Dont assume that you have an offer on the table going into the interview. Until the offer is formally made, you do not have the job.
  • Dress conservatively, not for attention. Keep jewellery, cologne, perfume to a minimum.
  • If you are offered the job and you want it, accept it. If you are not sure, let the interviewer know that you would like a day or two think about it. Decide upon a date to call back and always follow through with the commitment.
  • Think of yourself as a solution rather than a problem. The interviewer has a problem - there is a job that needs to be filled. You are the answer to the problem. The challenge is for you to let the interviewer know you are the solution to the problem through examples or stories of past behavior and successes.
  • Try not to be nervous. An interview is not an interrogation - its an exchange of information between you and your potential employer.
  • Instead of focusing on getting the job, practice listening. The more you listen to whats being asked, the more discerning you will become about asking your own questions and judging the answers.
  • Build a rapport from the start. Managers hire people like themselves. They must like you personally, before they will hire you. Genuine enthusiasm and positive attitude are things that cannot be taught. Project an attitude of willingness to do anything to contribute to the success of the organization. Managers arent in the business of advancing only your career. They want team players who will make their project successful.
  • Those who do will get ahead.
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