Easy steps on what to do when Interviews make you nervous
For many freshers who are on the job hunt, interviews can be quite a nerve-wrecking experience. Many of us have experienced moments where we froze in the middle of a sentence, or blanked out suddenly. In fact, 6 out of 10 people around the world have admitted to feeling weak-kneed at the prospect of answering probing questions. If you find yourself in this situation a little too often, take heart, and keep these time-tested techniques in mind:

Go easy on yourself
What youre facing is not unnatural in the least. Thousands of job applicants around the world have faced the embarrassment of walking in completely prepared for an interview, and going speechless when the moment came to speak, they went speechless. Dont berate yourself afterwards, take it in your stride. Difficult as it may sound, there will be other opportunities for you to prove yourself.

Concentrate on your breathing
Nervousness increases the heart rate and your breathing. A few minutes before the interview begins, take a few deep breaths slowly. Keep both your feet firmly on the ground. This will lessen your fear and relax you.

Face the interviewer
Look at the interviewer, see a feature on his face you like and focus on it. Research has revealed that it helps to make a person feel at ease and lowers his anxiety.

Connect with your Environment
Look around you, absorb the details. Once your brain starts observing little details like a red shirt, a brown desk, youre mind will start working in a linear and logical pattern, and fears will slowly dissolve.

By practicing these techniques before interviews, you will learn to use them automatically and effortlessly. You wont have to apologize for losing track of your thoughts or otherwise interrupt the meeting. Soon, they will become second nature to you and youll face the interviewer without a trace of nervousness.
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