Why you were not contacted after interview - possible reasons
Possible Reasons Why You Didnt Get Called After the Interview

Atitude problems
Sometimes, candidates may come across as arrogant and "know it all" in their approach. It may turn off the interviewer, and you must keep in mind that while they can afford to be self-centered, candidates cannot.

Many candidates do not consider their appearance as much as they should. First impressions are quickly made in the first three to five minutes. Dress neatly, soberly and show that you are a professional.

Lack of research
Its obvious when candidates havent learned about the job, company or industry prior to the interview. Visit the library or use the internet to research the company, then talk with friends, peers and other professionals about the opportunity before each meeting.

Not having questions to ask
Asking questions shows your interest in the company and the position. Prepare a list of intelligent questions in advance.

Not readily knowing the answers to interviewers questions
Anticipate and rehearse answers to tough questions about your background, such as an employment gap. Practicing with your spouse or a friend before the interview will help you to frame intelligent responses.

Relying too much on resumes
Employers hire people, not paper. Although a résumé can list qualifications and skills, its the interview dialogue that will portray you as a committed, responsive team player.

Too much humility
Being conditioned not to brag, candidates are sometime reluctant to describe their accomplishments. Explaining how you reach difficult or impressive goals helps employers understand what you can do for them.

Not relating skills to the employers needs
A list of startling accomplishments mean little if you cant relate them to a companys requirements. Reiterate your skills and convince the employers understand what you can do for them.

Handling salary issues too soon
Candidates often ask about salary and benefits too early. If they believe an employer is interested, they may demand inappropriate amounts and price themselves out of the jobs. Candidates who ask for too little undervalue themselves or appear desperate. Use a little tact. Know when its right to talk money. And avoid showing how much you want the job to the point of underselling your market value.

Lack of Career direction
Job hunters who arent clear about their career goals reveal their lack of direction and their inability to contribute to the growth of the organisation.

Just checking out
Some applicants, particularly those in certain high-tech, sales and marketing fields, will admit theyre just checking out opportunities to see their market value, and have little intention of changing jobs. This wastes time and leaves a bad impression with employers who they may need to contact in the future. As a recruiter said "interviews are tricky, and luck plays a part too. If you havent got the job offer, dont worry, the important thing is to learn from the mistakes. And look forward to the next interview with determination and confidence"
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