With more than 1 lakh hits, SurajInfo.com is one of the popular information resource for the youth all over. Catering services to a large audience, SurajInfo's popularity is increasing day by day. Apart from being a major Information provider, SurajInfo.com also caters the needs of various business services ranging from small business to large industries and corporate. List of our services and the benefits will help you know more about us and will give you a clear vision on how partnering with SurajInfo will help you boost your profits and get more of what you have.

Our Services Include - 

Website Development Online Image Building Web Promotions
E-Commerce Consultancy Multimedia services Solutions Development

Web Development
SurajInfo provides state-of-art web development services along with customised hosting options to its customers. With a highly professional team of Web Artists and Developers, SurajInfo excels in delivering the best website solutions in minimum time. The creativity flourishes more with Flash Sites and one that requires heavy interactions. To put in simple words - the more complex your requirements, the better the results. Our Dynamic team is ready to take on any challenges in this field.

With a big list of 'Happy Customer', there is no need to question why numerous businesses are trusting SurajInfo as their partner for website development and hosting. May you be a small/middle level organisation or a large corporate, we study your company, yours product/s and your target audience so that the optimum is delivered to the end user. Finally it is not just about hosting or developing a site. It is about bringing customers to your site and selling your product. Once taken, our job is complete only when your customer is satisfied with your site and is ready to buy your product. To know about our development rates (which are very cost-effective) or to know more on how we can help you in you site design or development and hosting, please email us at - webdev@surajinfo.com. We will get in touch with you immediately.  

Online Image Building
Once the Website is built and up, the main target of any business is to get more and more customers visit the site and know about your company and product. Finally, this is what are sites meant for. Websites promote your product, company and even sell your products too. Infact many websites are more efficient and productive than the marketing guys in the company. But Still to achieve the desired results, first your site must be marketed (make known) to customers.

We know the very importance of this process and have built up a solid-setup to suffice this need. We Build your image, we promote your site and We help you get more visitors on your site through various online image building activities like search engine registrations, promotions on various other sites etc. This can be a cumbersome job but with us it can be one of the easiest tasks for you. Want to give a try ? contact us at onlineIB@surajinfo.com to get more information. (Don't forget to mention all your requirements in detail). We will surely give you one of the best Image building solutions.

Web Promotions
So you already have site or maybe a new product or maybe you have just launched your ambitious site/project. Need audience ? need more people to know about your product ? Internet is one of most effective, cheaper and powerful medium to promote your brand/product. unfortunately the potential of which is yet to be realised. But many smart professionals who have realised this potential have gained a lot through online promotions. Wanna join the Smart-list ? Join our web promotion program.

We promote your product online through search engines, various portals and through SurajInfo.com. We know where the 'real audience' for your products really is. It is useless to promote you product at places where no-one really cares about your product. At surajInfo, your product is studied carefully, the target audience is set and then the promotion activity starts, thus, helping effective sale/promotion. Actually, this process can be quite really interesting for you if you and our promotion team could just sit together for a cup of tea. or may be you would like to correspond with them through Email. In both cases, contact us at webpromo@surajinfo.com and enjoy the feeling of working with real professionals in the field. We Insist you to go ahead with this. (and yes ! we can help you promote your product through other medias too... just click here to know how !)

E-Commerce Consultancy
Online business transactions is a must today. May it be a B2B (Business to Business Transaction) or a B2C (Business to Consumer transaction), you always need highly secure environments, reliable software and a professional service team to solve all your and consumer queries 24 hrs a day. You get all this at SurajInfo.com. 

We provide you consultancy for total E-commerce solutions and its sections like Secure Transactions, Order Processing, Bank merchandise options, online Interactivity with clients etc. Want more ? we can even build a comprehensive and robust E-commerce solution just for you at lowest costs in market. With high-caliber e-commerce professionals with us (who have worked with many multinationals and have provided solutions to various commerce sites), you need not worry about anything. If you are a company with a need to set a marketing-distribution chain till the retailer then we have a package ready for you. Just anything you can think of and our team is ready to help you. Drop us line at ecomdev@surajinfo.com . We will get in touch with you and you will find your online business in trusted hands that is always ready to help you and is always concerned about you transactions security and profits online.

Multimedia Presentations
Being associated with advertising Industry for past 22 years, SurajInfo Team understands the potential of presentations to client. Multimedia presentations are cost effective way of promoting your products to various consumers. May it be your office or your clients' one. Audio-visual impact is much effective that a simple speech and few pieces of paper explaining you product. Ever wondered why TV ads are so hit today ? Interactive presentations are much powerful than these Ads with the control to view at users side.

Powerful presentations with original sound. video and pictures mixed at our studio are one of the best you could find. We know the proper combination of sound, video, picture and text to be used thus creating an high impact presentation which surely embosses an positive impact on the viewers mind. The promotion of your product just becomes more easier with these presentations created by us. If you are interested in a such Multimedia production please mail us at multimediaprods@surajinfo.com and just see your product getting appealed to more and more people.

Software Solutions
Efficiency in operations, detailed reports in fraction of seconds, data management, automisation etc are needs of a modern business today. Initial investment in software solutions save lots of money and time for future. At SurajInfo we have various departments for software development. We offer software solutions in fields like Finance and Banking, MIS, GIS, Robotics and process control applications, Image processing etc. 

SurajInfo also provides readymade packages for Telephony applications (helpdesk, telephonic inquiry, IVRS etc), Personal investment management, Accountancy, Emailing solutions, data management etc. so if you have any requirement or even thinking of implementing software solution at your office/company and if you are searching for some trusted resource, your search is over here. mail us at softsol@surajinfo.com with your requirements and our experts will help in getting most out of your business with your existing setup thus saving money.