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Why Should I Register ?
On Registering with us, you can conveniently post your resume, search through a host of job listings and Apply to companies online through our jobs online database.

If you want to send your resume to some other company not listed in our database, you can do so by simply mailing your profile page. That helps company look at resume in a decorated fashion along with your photograph.

You can change any information (regarding you) online at any time including your username (coming soon), password, qualification, experience and all.

On registration, the job providers will search your resume through our database. This search is very much customisable and can be parameterised on Experience, sex, age, your preferred location (country, state, city), your preferred Industry category and Department. This means that you can give your job preferences to work and you will be searched by the job providers accordingly thus greatly increasing the chances of posting your resume to the exact job requirement of your type.

This facility thus provides more chances of getting jobs of your interest and gives the job-providers more chances to get to-the-point candidate.

If you want to temporarily stop your resume from being displayed to the job provider, you can still do so by our Resume-Hold option. This will stop job providers from viewing / searching your resume. This will be essential whenever you have just changed the job and /or dont want to change the job for time being. You can hold your resume for many days, months or even years. The choice totally depends on you.

How Should I Register/Pay my Fees ?
Registration process is very Easy. Just fill in the form online with username and password of your choice. After you have filled our detailed resume form, you are done with online process.

After this, your resume needs to be activated. To do this, you will need to send us a demand draft of Rs. 200/- payable at Pune, Maharashtra, India. For outstation cheques, please send a cheque of Rs. 250/-

After we receive your payment, your account will be activated and you will be able to use our online facilities. Kindly remember following instructions while sending your payment.

Send a Passport size photograph along with your payment and your login name written at the back of the photograph. Also you must send your name, emailaddress and postal address along with your payment. We will mail back your receipt to the email address you have specified in your resume.

This is all you need to start with.. so hurry and Register online

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