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Mahad : Shree Viradvinayak
Mahad village is situated in Khalapur taluka of Raigad District.Mahad is surrounded by picturesque surrounding.In monsoon beauty of Mahad is undescrible.Population is very thin. Mahad enrhsines Varadvinayak (the bestower of boons), in commemoration of a legend related to Rukmangada.
Mythological Story
In the ancient period there was a great king , Bhima of Koudinyapur . He had no children. He and his wife came to the forest for penance there they meet Vishwamitra. Sage Vishwamitra gave the king Ekashar Gajana Mantra to get a child. On chanting the mantra the king got a son.He was named Rukmaganda.He was very beautiful,had a golden luster and was of extremly good character. Once Rukmanganda went to forest for hunting . When he became thirsty and tired he went to a nearby hermitage of Rishi Vachaknavi. Rishi's wife became enamoured by the prince's beauty and asked him to fulfil her desire .Being of good character he flatly refused and left the ashram. After he left, Mukunda became very much lovesick. Knowing her plight, King Indra took the form of Rukmaganda and had pleasure with her. Mukunda became pregnant and gave birth to a son . She named him as Gritsamada. On knowing the truth Gritsamada cursed his mother to become a throny plant bearing Bhor fruits. Mukunda being mother cursed him that a cruel rakshas (demon) will born from him. At the same time there was a voice from heaven ' Gritsamada is Indra's son' . Both mother and son were shocked. Mukunda was converted to plant of Bhor. Gritsamada being ashamed, to wash his ill fame went to forest called Pushpak. With single minded he performed penance . Shri Ganesh on being contented by his penance presents him boons. Tells him that he will get a brave son who cannot be defeated by anybody other than Shankara.Gritsamada asked for the forest to become holy. Devotees get attainment of their aims on that place. He urged Ganapati to stay there permanently and asked for knowledge of Brahma.The forest is called Bhadraka today. Gritsamada built a temple there and the idol installed there is called Varadavinayaka. It is said that if the coconut received as prasad during Maghi Chaturthi is consumed one will be blessed with a son.Hence there is heavy rush during Maghi Utsav.
About Idol
It was found by Shree Dhondu Paudkar in 1960 A.D. in a lake. It was ou side the sanctum of the temple . As the idol was in bad weather condition temple trustees immersed it and conserated new in side the sanctum. This was objected by few and a suit was filed in the district court . Thus two idols can be seen one inside and one outside the sanctum.One is smeared in vermillion in sitting position with the trunk turned left and one is of white marble with trunk turned to right.
About Temple
Varadvinayaka's temple was built by peshava sardar Ramji Mahadev Biwalkar and he gifted this to the village. The temple was like a house with a tiled roof . It has been now renovated by the temple trustees. There is a Gomukh towards north.Holy water comes out of it.There's a lake at the west. The temple is 8 feet long and 8 feet broad. Dome is 25 feet high with a golden pinnacle.The sanctum of the temple is made up of stone and surrounded by beautifully carved stone elephant carvings,houses the idol.
Geographical Location
In Khalapur taluka of Raigad district Shri Varadvinayaka is situated in the village Mahad. From Mumbai Mahad is at 63 kms of distance .On Mumbai-Pune railway line Mahad is at a distance of 24 kms from Karjat and at a distance of 6 kms from Khopoli.Regular State Transport buses and Municipal Corporation buses are easily available from Khopoli and Karjat.
Other Important Information
Trustee Names and Address: Hostels are not available in Mahad. However , poojary can make lunch arrangements on giving prior orders. Temple trust has proposed a wonderful scheme for Ganesh devotees. The person who will give a life long donation of Rs. 31,000 to trust, he/she will be allowed to stay in Yatri Niwas free of charge for one day in a year. The person will also be allowed to do pooja etc of Varadvinayak on his own on the particular day. For detail information you can contact Manager Smt Suvara Tattu, Shri Ganpati Devsthan Trust, Tal. Khalapur, Dist Raigad, Tel : STD - 02192 - 62780(office) - 02192 - 67059 (residence).
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