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Ozar : Shree Vighneshwar
Vigneshwara at Ozar is regarded as the slayer of the demon Vignaasura.
Mythological Story
The King of Hemavati, Shri Abhinandana once performed a great sacrifice . Indra thought that this sacrifice if completed would deprive him of his post. Hence , he ordered Kala (time) to create obstacles in the sacrifice & then destroy it. The fierce looking kala not only destroyed that sacrifice but also other sacrifices & created obstacles for sages & others. Hence people called him Vighna. Slowly all vedic rites were reduced & dharma disappeared from earth. Then all Gods worshipped Gajanana & requested him to save the world from Vighneshwar. Then Ganpati took his Avatar as the son of Sage parshva & his wife Deepavatsala. Gods headed by Lord Shiva came to Parshva & requested him to relieve Ganpati for having a war with vighnasura. Sage Parshva was reluctant but Ganpati convinced him & with his permission proceeded to the Asura's abode. He sent his Ankush (Hook) which caught hold of vighnasura & brought him before Gods. But the Asura assumed many forms like cyclones , flood, fire, etc. Vinayaka destroyed all such mayas (illusions). Finally when he found that his power & tactics will not succeed , Vighnasura fell at the feet of Ganpati & asked for refuge . He requested that Ganpati should take his name along with his own. Vinayaka accepted his request & hence is called as Vighneshwara or Vighnaraj.
About Idol
Idol of Vigneshwar Vinayak, faces east & trunk turned towards left. The idols smeared in vermillion mixed with oil , has two emerald studded eyes & a diamond on his forehead & in the navel. On the two sides are brass idols of Riddhi & Siddhi.
About Temple
Vighneshwara's temple facing east is surrounded on four sides by a protective stone wall. At the entrance there are two'Deep-Malas'(stone pillars for oil lamps) & two huge 'Dwar-Palaks' ie guards. The main temple has two halls One with idol of Dhundiraj and the other has an idol of rat in running position made in white marble. Idols of Panchayatan (Sun , Shiva, Vishnu, Goddess, Ganpati) are situated in four corners of the sanctum.Temple has golden dome & pinnacle.
Geographical Location
In Junnar taluka of Pune district, Ozar is at a distance of 12 kms from Narayangaon . Its at a distance of 85 kms from Pune. There are regular bus services from Shivajinagar bus stand of Pune.
Other Important Information
Temple trust has bulit a new lodging complex. Address for correspondence is : Shree Vigneshwar Ganpati Devasthan Trust at post - Ozar, Tal Junnar, Dist Pune . Tel No. (STD 02132) 88330.
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