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Theur : Shree Chintamani
Theur is situated at a distance of 25kms from pune in Haveli Taluka of Pune District. Theur is situated at the confluence of the Mula,Mutha,& Bhima rivers. Sugar is cultivated on a large scale in Theur. Theur is the nearest astavinayak from Pune. Chintamani Vinayak relates to the legend of Kapila Muni and the Chintamani gem that he had obtained from Shiva.
Mythological Story
Long time back king Abhijeet & his wife queen Gunavati , performed penances for several years on the advice of sage Vaishampayan & got a son called Gana who later on became popular by name 'Ganaraja'. Ganaraja was as furious as he was brave & valourious.Once after his hunting expedition he came to Kapila Rishi's Ashram for taking rest. Sage Kapila fed the entire army with tastiest food from a jewel called Chintamani. The jewel Chintamani was given to him by king of Gods Indra.. Being impressed by the power of jewel, greedy Ganaraja asked Sage Kapila to give the jewel to him. When Kapila refused , Ganaraja took away the Chintamani by force. Sage Kapila was sorely disappointed. Goddess Durga adviced Kapila to worship Lord Ganesh.Being happy with Kapila's worship Lord Ganesh promised him to return back the jewel.Ganesh and Ganaraja had fierced battle near tree Kadamba. Lord Ganesh killed Ganaraja with his axe. Thus Sage Kapila got his Chintamani back. Kapila adorned Ganesh with Chintamani. Since then Lord Ganesh is called Chintamani and as these incidents took place below a Kadamba tree, the village around it was called Kadamba Thirtha.
About Idol
The idol faces east. It is swayambhu (self emanated) & has a left side trunk. There are carbuncle & diamonds in the eyes of Vinayaka.
About Temple
The main archway of the temple faces north. Temple hall is made up of wood & there is a small fountain made up of black stone in the hall. The courtyard of the temple is quite big paved with floor. A huge bell is an attraction of this temple. The temple was built by Dharanidhar Maharaj Dev in the family of Morya Gosavi. The hall of the temple was built 100 years later by Madhavrao Peshva.
Geographical Location
Theur is in Haveli Taluka of District Pune at a distance of 25 km from Pune City. It is situated on the confluence of the Mula, Mutha & Bhima rivers. Facility of frequent Poona Motor Transport buses makes the approach of this place very easy. Its only at 3 kms of distance from Loni.
Other Important Information
It is said that Emperor Aurangazeb had given grant to this temple. Now a days administration of this temple is governed by Chinchwad Temple Trust. Shree Moreshwar D.Pendse is authorised Poojary appointed by temple trust. (Phone - 0212/814206)
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