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Information about Ganeshotsav

“Ganeshotsav” is celebrated every year during Bhadrapad on shuddha Ganesh Chaturthi. It started in the year 1883 with an objective. Sardar Khasgiwale celebrated this Ganeshotsav for the first time in Gwalior. Famous and honourable citizens Ganpatrao Ghovedakar, Bhau Vaidya and Bhau Rangari installed the Lord Ganesh idol. He began the tradition of taking out procession, Lokmanya Tilak appreciated this and he mentioned it in Kesari on 26th Sept 1893. He made it a public occasion and lent a new image to it. His objective was to create a cohesive unit of people irrespective of caste, creed and class who could commemorate this great festival in the true spirit of it. He was a visionary and new that with the passage of time this festival would assume greater horizons and broader canvas. He brought it out from the confines of home and elevated it to a public occasion. As time marched on this festival became more and more significant and its relevance also increased manifold.

The cardinal aim of this festival – education and entertainment – succeeded and the public awareness became sharper. The help that came their way enabled them to undertake social, religious, cultural and welfare activities. This festival not only deepened the Maharashtrian consciousness but also broadened our national and social milieu.

More than a mere festival it is a catalyst for changes and tool for enlightenment. Militating against all kinds of oppression and underlining the indomitable human spirit can be cited as two of the prime aims of this great festival, which has rolled into Indian consciousness and become a part of our nationalistic existence.

Lokmanya's dream has become a reality. The loftiest human values and the noblest deeds all have been enshrined into this festival making it a universal platform for international brotherhood. As a festival should be – the common aspects and facets to it have been fully described, in other words, the mythological, historical and the social meaning all are enumerated in it. Ganesha’s historical and mythological significance, his various dimensions, his relevance: past, present and future all can be had in a concerted manner.

The greatest thing that has been noticed is that, this Ganesh festival has transcended the national barriers and has truly become global in its massage, mission and meaning. Lord Ganesh is a symbol of wisdom and now more than ever seems it rich to have wisdom for entire mankind as the world is riven by violence and war. We all pray to the benevolent Lord Ganesh to bestow his grace on us. May we retain the festive spirit and continue to celebrate it without any discrimination.

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