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Morgaon : Shree Moreshwar
Morgaon is situated on the banks of river Karha which comes in Baramati Taluka in Pune District.It is said that the shape of this place is like a peacock and that once upon a time there were many peacocks in this region and therefore this place is called as 'Morgoan'. Moregaon enshrines Ganapati as Mayureshwar (Moresh) or the peacock rider, who slew the demon Sindhu in response to pleas from the Gods.
Mythological Story
Long time back a Sage named Kashyap had two wives, Kadru and Vinita. Kadru's sons snakes imprisoned Vinita's sons namely Shyen, Sampati and Jatayu. Vinita was sorely disappointed . After few years Vinita got one more son. However, when her son was in the form of egg young Ganesh broke that egg and peacock came out of that egg. Newly born peacock had fight with Ganesh. Finally mother Vinita interfered and peacock agreed to be vehicle of Shri Ganesh. However , he laid one condition and said , " Oh! God my name should be pronounced before your name and you be popular by my name." Ganesh agreed and took name Mayuresh for himself. With the help of peacock released Vinita's sons from imprisonment.
About Idol
The diety Moreshwara is in sitting posture, facing east with the trunk turning left and smeared with vermillion mixed in oil.Diamonds are embedded in its eyes and navel, on its head is the hood of Nagaraja. On left and right of the idol there are brass idols of Siddhi and Buddhi. In front of the idol are the Mooshaka (Rat) and Mayura (Peacock). It is said that doing Abhishek on 'Moreshwar' all desires are fulfilled. Mayureshwar's armour had been cast off in 1788 and 1822 A.D. The original idol was made up of atoms of sand,iron and diamond and it is behind the present statue. It was created by God Bharma.
About Temple
The main temple facing towards north is in the centre of village and looks like a small fortress or chateu. The temple complex comprises of a dome , surrounded by a 50 feet high enclosure and decked with four pillars in each corners. It portrays from afar an imagination of a mosque.The main temple is made up of black stone. The temple constructed during Bahamani regime was built in typical Moghul style by Mr. Gole, a hindu officer in the court of patshah. The temple has four gates. In the eastern gate is Lakshminarayana, giver of Dharma. In the southern gate are Parvati and Shankar givers of Artha. Then comes western gate where Rati and Kama resides. Lastly in the northern gate reside, Mahivaraha ( Earth and Sun). In the eight corners, there are eight statues of Ganpati called Ekdanta, Mahodara, Gajanana, Lambodar, Vikata, Vigharaja, Dhumravarna and Vakratunda. In the temple complex there are trees of Shami, Mandar and Tarati ( Kalpavruksha) While going towards the temple a huge Deep Mala will be seen first. In front of it is Nagarkhana (where kettledrums are kept). Near Nagarkhana there is a mouse made up of black stone. On climbing the steps you will see a big Nandi made up of black stone facing Mayureshwar.This is the only temple of Ashtavinayaka with Nandi. But the question is how Nandi is in front of Ganpati insted of Lord Shiva ? Following legend is the answer to this. Years ago Nandi was taken on a cart for its consecration in front of a near by Shivalaya. However the cart broke in front of Mayureshwara's temple. People tried their best to shift Nandi but all in vain.The artisan carrying cart had omen in the night Nandi saying, "I want to stay before Mayureshwar only". Thus Nandi - Maharaj sat before Mayureshwara for ever.
Geographical Location
Morgaon , situated on the banks of river Karha comes in Baramati Taluka, in district Pune. It is said that shape of this place is like a peacock and once upon a time the place was full of peacocks that it was named Morgaon . The place can be easily approached by bus or railway. Its only 56 kms from Pune. Lodging is available at Dharmashala of temple trust and in Yogendramath.
Other Important Information
Trustee Names and Address: Morgaon Ganpati Devasthan Trust is under control of Chinchwad Devasthan Trust. One fourth part of the revenue collection of 64 villages is donated to Morgaon for administration of temple
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