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Ranjangaon : Shree Mahaganapati
Ranjangoan is situated on Pune-Ahmednagar Highway Mahaganapati at Ranjangaon is believed to have come to the aid of Shiva in destroying the citadels of the demon Tripurasura.
Mythological Story
This is a story of Tretayug.There was a great & intelligent Sage Gritsamada.Once Rishi Gritsamada had a very big cough.From that came alive a reddish child.His ambition was to conquer the three worlds & also to defeat Indra.To turn his mind towards devotion Rishi Gritsamada told him to worship Ganesh.The child chanted Mantra given by Gritsamada for years.Penance of the child pleased Ganesh & he offered the child boons saying, "Only Lord Shivshankara will be able to defeat you,I give you three cities made of iron, gold & silver. As long as they are there you can not be defeated by anyone.You will be called Tripura.All your desires will be fulfilled.And through one arrow from Shankara all your three cities will be destroyed. Tripura came back & defeated all Kings on earth and all Gods of heaven.He had two sons.He gave kingdom of Brahmalok (Lord Brahma's abode) to one son & Vishnulok (Lord Vishnu's abode) to another son. Narad adviced grief-stricken Gods to worship Lord Ganesh to get rid of the calamity. Lord Ganpati getting contented with prayers of all Gods promised to bring about Tripura's defeat through Shankara's hands. Then Lord Ganpati in the guise of Brahmin went to Tripura's abode & told him,"O king! I have mastery over 64 arts.So I am called as 'Kaladhar'. I have come to meet you from far hearing your brave stories.". Tripurasur told him "Hey, Kaladhar, you show me your art ,if I am pleased ,I will give away my life also." Kaladhar said " O King, I will give you three aeroplanes. You can go anywhere in the world by this planes. You will get anything you desire. Except Lord Mahadev nobody can destroy these planes." Tripurasur on being pleased asked Kaladhar to demand anything in the world.Kaladhar demanded idol of Chintamani which was in the possession of Lord Shankar. Shiv Shankara refused to give it to Tripurasur and a war ensued between Shiv Shankara & Tripurasur. All gods started off for the war in a hurry forgetting to worship Ganesh before leaving. Therefore the Gods lost the battle and Tripurasur found the idol of Chintamani. While returning back to his kingdom Chintamani suddenly disappeared from the hands of Tripurasur.Thinking it to be ill omen he returned back with a heavy heart.Sage Narad told Shankara the true reason of defeat of not worshiping Ganesh before beginning the war.Lord Shankara on getting convinced went to Dandakaranya.He performed Paranayam & chanted six letters Mantra of Ganpati. Ganpati emerged at that time from his face with a peculiar form. He had five faces, ten hands, moon on the crest, garlands of heads on the neck & also the ornament of serpents. He looked both Shankara & Gajanana. He told shankara," In future when ever you will remember me I will appear to remove obstacles.After chanting my Beejamantra, send an arrow on the aeroplanes of Tripurasur.By that time all these three cities will be burnt. Then you can kill Tripurasur". He also gave Sahasranam Stotra by chanting which one gets victory everywhere, enemies are destroyed & wishes are fulfilled. At that place Shiva established a Ganesh Temple & around it a city called Manipur, which is presently called as Ranjangaon. The deity here is hence rightly called as Mahaganapati. Shankara went to fight.This time Prithvi became the chariot.Sun & Moon become the wheels. Brahma Deva was the charioteer. Meru became the bow. Vishnu was the arrow. Ashwinikumar become the horses. Shivshankara chanted the Ganesh Sahastranama. To destroy Tripurasura when he released arrow there was light everywhere.Like that of lighting Tripurasura fainted & fell down dead. His three cities were burnt. The demons life came out of his body in the form of Jyoti & entered Shiv Shankar's body. Thus Gods got their posts.Sages started studying Vedas. All three worlds were happy.
About Idol
Idol facing east is in crossed legged sitting position with broad forehead & the trunk turned towards the left. Riddhi & Siddhi are on the both the sides of Mahaganapati. The idol taken out in procession on festivals had been presented by famous hermit Morya Gosavi made of five metals.
About Temple
Temple facing east has huge & beautiful entrance gate. Idols of two two doorkeepers namely Jay & Vijay are present near the gateway. Nagarkhana is situated above the entrance gate. Main temple looks like temple from Peshwa's period . It is so constructed that sun rays fall directly on Shree Ganesha's idol.
Geographical Location
Ranjangaon is situated on Pune-Ahmednagar Highway only at a distance of 50 kms. from Pune.Its easy to approach because of frequent bus services.
Other Important Information
Grants to this temple were provided by Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, Madhavrao Peshwe, Malharrao Holkar,and Mahadji Shinde. From the year 1942 administration of the temple is supervised by trustees appointed by court .Lodging arrangements of devotees can be done by temple trust. Address for advance booking is Shree Kshetra Ranjangaon Ganpati Devasthan Trust, Sarpanch - Ranjangaon Ganpati, Tal. Shirur, Dist : Pune.
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