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Story of Shami Patra
Shami Patra is also called as "Vanhipatra". Shami is very dear to Lord Ganesh. So Shami is offered to Lord Ganesh.

Once Parvati asked Lord Shiva why Shami is so dear to Ganesh, then Lord Shiva narrated the story. Once upon a time there was a King "Priyavrat". He was very religious and great. He had two wives, Kirti and Prabha. Prabha had a son whose name was Padmanan. The boy was brilliant. So when he was just 5 years old his thread ceremony was solemonised. Prabha once insulted Kirti. So Kirti, decided to commit suicide . But one priest by the name of Deval intervained and suggested her to worship Lord Ganesh. So Kirti offered great penance to Lord Ganesh and in place of Durva she offered him Shamipatra invested with mantra. It pleased Lord Ganesh no end and she also gave birth to a son named Shiraprasadan. When Shirapraprasadan was 4 years old someone poisoned him and child was dead. That very moment Lord Ganesh's great devotee arrived there sage 'Gutsamand'. He advised Kirti that the 'Punya' she had collected by offering Shamipatra she must dispense with that so that her son could be brought back to life. Kirti did what the sage had advised, and he was brought back to live. And Prabha got afflicted with great incurable element. Then King started treating Kirti nicely.
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