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Story of Durva
There was a demon by the name of Analasur who made the lives of the people miserable on the earth. All the Gods invoked Lord Ganesh so Lord Ganesh took on Analasur. Analasur ran after Lord Ganesha to kill him. But Lord Ganesh devoured him but it caused terrific burning sensation to him and burning could not be mitigated by any means. All the Gods tried there level best to palliate this burning sensation but all the efforts went in vain. Then one sage came and he bundled 21 'Durvas' (cynaton' into one bundle in this manner he made 21 bundles, invested with mantras and those bundles were offered to Lord Ganesh, which relived him of burning sensation.

The Ganesh Puja Durva having 3 or 5 stocks is generally used. The three stocked Durva is offered with a view to nullifying the bad effect of destiny, collective fate and Karma. 5 stocked Durva is offered with an eye to getting the atmost signifinance of all the 5 prequisites and individual is gifted with.
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