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The first humming sound in the world of sound - The first letter in the world of letters. The Veda is defined as the Nidhior Sanchay or storage of knowledge of unique nature and which is regarded as the ideal of all that is auspicious. The Veda is not simply a knowledge-oriented literature, to be critically discussed, it also conveys the significance of the utilization of knowledge, how and when? In addition acquiring it. Till the time, you don’t realise how to use the knowledge, it is futile to only acquire the same… it is of no use. The glory and grandeur of knowledge is visible to the public, when utilized properly. In this respect, Rigveda is regarded as the vast and richest treasure of knowledge. This veda is the largest of all the vedas. There are in all 10 mandals (Assemblies), with 1020 Suktas, and 10552 Richas or Mantraj. In all these Richas, there are 1,53,526 stanzas and the total letters are 4,32,000.

These are two branches of this Veda available, one is ‘Shakal’ and the other is ‘Bashkal’, out of this, the exhaustive and complete code of shakal branch is unavailable. Although Rigveda is totally full of Mantras, these evolute valuable exhaustive information. If we look minutely, we will notice two independent concepts, one is spiritual and other is practical, which are included in the subjects of the Mantras.

There are many hymns (suktas) in this Veda. There is Brahmanspati Sukta popular with Ganesh Devatas, Pavmanpanchasukta of Lord Vishnu’s devotees, Saurasukta, Agnisukta etc. In addition, there are Parjanyasukta, Mandooksukta, Krishisukta, Gosukta, Shantipath and many others. One Ushasukta, displays literacy grandeur & style at its best, used by the Rishis. It reviews the behavior of creatures in the world, on the backdrop of nature. Famous Gayatri Mantra is also a part of Rigveda.

There are many other topics, such as Kalgati, Geography, Organization, Measures, effects of Navagriha, Power of each material, their effects social ethics, social system, Medicinal herbs different forms of fire (Agni) and water, origin of creatures in the world etc. have been analytically discussed in Rigveda.
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