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After Rigveda comes Yajurveda. The Prime teacher of this Veda is Acharya Vaishampayan. There are however two types of Yajurvadas, one is Krishna Yajurveda and second one is Shukla Yajurvada. With this division taking place, their leadership (Archarya) got changed. While the first of the two was taken over by Vaishampayan, the second one was headed by Yadnyavalkya.

Taitariya is the main branch of Krishna Yajurveda and in which there are 40 chapters (i.e. Adhyayas). The number of Mantras are 1975.

Major portion of the Krishna Yajurveda is prose. The religious rites like Rudra, Udakshanti etc., which are very common with public, have been elaborated with thoughts; similarly from the performance of small yadnyas to the performance of Rajsurya Yadnya, all the established actual actions (Kruti) have been covered in these Vedas. These Vedas have further narrated about business and trades of different people, their customs traditions, social ethics, about animal husbandry etc.

If we carefully think about both the Vedas, we will find that even though Rigveda is bigger in Volume, the Yajurvedas contents are multifaced. In this veda, there are 65 sub branches of Shukla Yajurveda and 24 sub branches of Krishna Yajurveda. However today all are non existent only few are surviving.
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